Friday, September 07, 2007

HQ pic struck a chord with the bloggers

Some wind-down-its-Friday material.

A post earlier this week about where we run the Travolution operation struck a chord with ProBlogger.

Our floor-based set-up is now featured alongside other bloggers around the world.

Here are the list of the others bloggers Darren Rowse has picked out:

  • Lindsay’s blog HQ is pretty unique - he really gets out and about! [it's a boat]
  • David Appleyard’s HQ is slightly more traditional than a boat
  • Lorraine’s setup is out on the patio and seems to have everything she’d need
  • Glenn’s looks very cool - and he’s got a 30 inch screen!
  • Kevin’s setup is down low [that's us!]
  • Tejvan shares his room
  • John has a pretty major set up with lots of screen real estate
  • Char gives a glimpse in their home office (lots of storage!)
  • James is a Mac man
  • Eve shows us her set up - nicely integrated into the room
  • Cifra put together a video tour
  • Tomaz shares their setup
  • Mark also does a video tour
  • Anthony has just renovated his office and has lots of pictures.
  • Ian thinks his HQ is better than ProBlogger's
  • Dave shares a picture of his - wow, that’s a big microphone!
  • MoneyNing’s set up is a little different to most
  • Rich Minx does another video tour
  • Sebastian gives us a look at his
  • Taste Like Crazy shares theirs on video - complete with cat, dog and baby
  • Marisa posts hers
  • Dean shares his on video - very organised
  • Jeremy has shared a few pics too
  • Serge posts a picture of his
  • Doug just moved and needs a desk
  • Nate shares his mobile podcasting setup on video
  • Chris is in the process of moving house - so he’s blogging from a coffee table
This collection of blog HQs was gathered in less than two days. Incredible...

Our friends on Travel Weekly missed the cut. But here is TW Towers.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution


Darren said...

After reading this I think I need to splash out on a new desk setup! Mine is so 1989!

Travolution Blogger said...

Darren: er, Travolution is so cutting edge we're using new ergonomic methods for ultimate productivity.

The lay-on-the-floor-and-damage-your-back-for-ever position.