Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Our first Facebook Poll - results

Those progressive types at travel technology company Click With Technology sent out a press release a few days ago with news of how they are using Facebook to conduct consumer surveys for some of their clients, such as Hays Travel, On Holiday Group,, Holidaytaxis and Teletext Holidays.

Not wanting them to take all the glory for being progressive and, er, thinking-outside-the-box, we thought we'd launch our own series of polls - the results of which we will share each week.

We asked 200 London-based Facebook members the following question:

Where Do You Go To Find Out About Travel Deals?
The poll took less than 24 hours to complete and we do not know the individuals that took part.

Here are the results:
  • Ask friends and family - 10%
  • Newspapers and magazines - 3%
  • Travel website - 77%
  • Travel agency - 10%
  • Social networking website - 2%
  • Female - 49.5%
  • Male - 50.5%
Responses by age:
  • 13-17 - 5%
  • 18-24 - 58.5%
  • 25-34 - 31%
  • 35-39 - 4.5%
Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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Travel Insider said...

Awhiii....get your own idears...travelotion boys...this out territory....NOT!!!

What took you 24 hours?

Steve Endacott
Click with Technology

Travolution Blogger said...

Steve: Facebook took 24 hours to complete the poll, not us. :-)

Darren Cronian said...


How do you get polls on your facebook group?

Oh, and how come your blog comments section is appearing in German?

Travolution Blogger said...


Type "Facebook Polls" in the search function on It is the official poll system, not the apps that have been built by others.

No idea what you mean about the German language issue. All ok this end.

Darren Cronian said...
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Darren Cronian said...

Ah, apparently I'm now sat on a server in Germany, that's why it's in German ;-)

Thanks Kev, I'll check FB [or is that Facey B] out at the weekend.

Travolution Blogger said...

Darren: The phrase Facey B is banned from this blog! :-) i'm having words with THD about it!

Dan Caplin said...

There's also a link in the footer to the polls on Facebook... looks like the prices have increased, the most we have paid in the past for an answer was $0.10, must be all this new Travolution traffic, wishing I kept it under wraps now ;)

Here's an interesting one we conducted yesterday...

What frustrates you most when travelling via UK airports?

Uncertainty, not knowing queue times (18%)
Flight delays (25%)
Car Parking (6%)
Collecting Tickets (2%)
Check in and security queues (49%)

Hmm, uncertainty; communication on expected wait times needs to improve...but hey that's a whole other blog post.

Dan Caplin
Click with Technology

Facey B User said...

Well done everyone for coming up with the most useful polls ever... Suprprise! Facebook users mostly use websites to book their travel. Surprise! Airport users hate the security & delays at airports.

Why not try something that isn't already well understood like: 'Which travel website do you trust the most' - e.g. travel op / trip advisor / social network you get the idea... something that we don't already know.

Travolution Blogger said...

Facey B User: Fair comment. Expect many more polls in the weeks to come.

Anonymous said...

If you want to do polling on Facebook for free try out Pollection. You can create very engaging polls with images and videos in them. You can post them to your profile, invite friends to vote on them and much more. (You can even post the same poll in your blog :)

You can also see where the voters are coming from on the world map.

FYI: We have a huge user base in London so you can compare the results with what Facebook gives you.