Monday, July 09, 2007

Instead of directing readers to a site, the people behind guys have made a handy video, which we can publish instead!

Billed as a cross between a travel booking engine, shop, directory, classifieds and social networking site, they have also created portals for Maldives, Seychelles and Dubai.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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Ted Holman said...

It has got more wow-factor than most websites, but isn't it just a little more of the same.

Perhaps those of use that see these sites day in, day out are waiting for the really good Next Big Thing.

Maybe it's just Monday...

Chris said...

Thanks for the post Kevin. The current site has evolved somewhat since we made this video and we have a lot of enhancements coming up.

Ted, thanks for the "wow-factor" compliment and yes I agree it's difficult these days to stand out from the rest.

Spot Local aims to stand out by providing destination specific information to users and also by providing a meeting place for travellers and local residents.
Add to the above a shopping mall environment where consumers can compare and buy many travel related services; from a hotel to a scuba course and much more.
Spot Local is not a tour operator, we provide merchants with the tools to sell online. All sales are made directly with the merchant.

In the near future we will be integrating with flight and hotel engines to provide a wide range of choices to consumers looking to book their holiday in the Red Sea, Maldives, Dubai and Seychelles. (more destinations coming soon)

Jennifer B said...

I’m from the UK and moved to live in the Red Sea last year. As a foreign resident I think a site like this is long overdue. It’s the first of it’s kind and offers us locals a place where we can find other locals and a reliable business directory which is not out dated

Vladimir said...

Cool site very well made specially in the user interface side, the access card idea looks smart& the other funky stuff.
but I see that still needs more services to give the full web 2.0 experience.
But over all it’s really promising.

Elspeth said...

I have searched long and hard on the web to find a site that supplies you with concise information on specific destinations. I have booked accomodation and a diving package all at the same time on spotredsea it was easy and I am very much looking forward to my vacation in August in Marsa Alam. The website navigation is easy to use and there are alot of comments to help users decide on the listings. Great job, I will use this website again.

Anonymous said...

“cool site, love the funky toolbar”

Lisa said...

“personally, I think it’s lacking in direction – it needs more features for the user, so far I can not upload my own picture to my “access card” - I guess that’s why they are still calling it beta!”