Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Brits abroad, oh dear

Sadly, a new poll from, “What annoys you most about ‘Brits abroad?’”, has confirmed that our chavvy, crude holiday behaviour continues to shamne the nation.

Nearly half, 42%, of those polled cited "drunk and raucous behaviour" as their cheif repulsion (Oi, wotz rong wit a lettle tipple, den?).

The cone effect – they always seem to be red and white - but never brown annoys nearly a quarter of tan, fit people, who are less than impressed with Brits' physical appearance.

Expecting foreigners to speak English rather than learning a bit of the local language rounds out the top three most loathsome traits of the Brit Abroad Brigade.

Surprinslgy, only 7% cited holidaying football fans as a blemish on the British flag and only 3% of the nation mind Brits complaining about the weather.

Well, that's pretty derepssing...innit?

Guess I better use soem self-tanner and learn a few local words before I head off to Corfu this weekend...How do you say, "Gimme a pint, mate" in Corfuian?


Tricia Holly Davis, chief writer, Travolution


Anonymous said...

The most annoying thing about Brits abroad is their attitude.
Remember, you are abroad, most things are different (culture especially).
The world doesn't revolve around The Island, innit?

Anonymous said...

The first thing Brits want to do when abroad is find a pub and drape the Union Jack all over it and dominate with loud and obtrusive behaviour.

Get over it, the empire is long gone and colonising the local pub is a feeble way to reconstruct what was once a glorious error.