Saturday, May 12, 2007

Travolution@Triton - Straw polls

During a presentation on Web and Travel 2.0 this afternoon to around 60 independent travel agents I carried out various "show-of-hands" to gauge the knowledge of the audience:

Here is a rough guide to the results:

  • Have a website - 55
  • Heard of TripAdvisor - 45
  • Know about Blogs - 20
  • Understand Web 2.0 - 5 [including Travolution boss, Simon Ferguson - so he shouldn't be counted!]
There is clearly a lot of scope for travel agents to expand into the new areas of the web. The world is their oyster...

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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Darren Cronian said...

20/60 knew about blogs, now that's increasing. At the travolution conference back in November, hardly anyone I spoke to knew about travel blogs, but then I only spoke to a handful of people!

Guillaume said...

Hi Kevin,

I am not surprised by these results. I think this is exciting for you and me to evangelise what Web 2.0 is about and talk a bit more about Travel 2.0. And this is clearly what you do at Triton conference. Come back a year later and I am sure most of travel agencies will have a blog associated with their online strategy.
Could you share with us the presentation you did at Triton conference. I have sent some spies by the way. Hopefully they’ve attended your session. Will check next week!

All the best.

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