Friday, May 04, 2007

In search of the dark side of travel

The travel industry is littered with dirty, dark little secrets.

Whether it's the dark side of search, as discussed in our most recent edition, or the dark side of affiliate marketing, a subject which we will explore in our next issue, there are a number of concerns lurking about behind-the-scenes of the travel industry.

Travel and expense service provider KDS is now embarking on a path to uncover business travellers’ "dark secrets".

The firm will conduct an online poll about expense claims, inviting travellers from around the world to share their views anonymously on a range of issues, including inflated expense claims (surely no one does that) [you'd better not - Ed]; the frustrations of form filling , and the extent to which losing track of receipts sees travellers subsidising their employers.

With travel expense compliance an increasing concern for businesses , the survey will also shed light on how companies are using modern technology to ensure claims are properly approved and efficiently managed.

To participate in the survey, complete the online questionnaire.

KDS will reveal the survey findings in June.

Remember folks, it's anonymous, so go on...share with us your dark little secrets.

Tricia Holly Davis, chief writer, Travolution

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