Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Entrepreneurs 2.0

Interesting snippet from the UK's Channel 4 News about the new breed of web start-up entrepreneurs in London.

A light-hearted moment:

Look out at 1m 14s for Martha Lane Fox, appointed today as non-executive director of High Street retailer Marks & Spencer, underlining - according to the Guardian - the company's online credentials, as she struggles with a Lastminute.com computer back in 1999.

But more interesting:

Her co-founder Brent Hoberman, in an interview recorded recently, offers hope for budding Sergey and Larrys.

"In the late-90s it was actually very hard to make money online. Now you have got lower technology costs, an easier way of making money, and huge amounts of people online and it is just easier to make a better product online."

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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John Edmonds said...

There is absolutely a need breed coming through. It is probably the most exhilerating time to be in new media since 1999.