Thursday, March 22, 2007

Travolution@MediaGuardian Summit - Rampaging and free-thinking hordes of consumers

For obvious reasons the conference here focuses heavily on how mainstream media companies are tackling the new media landscape - but there are heaps of interesting parallels for the travel industry.

While the delegate line-up is made almost exclusively of media-related people (newspapers, magazines, radio and TV folk, plus the trendy young things from digital marketing, creative and planning and buying agencies), much of the content would - indeed, should - strike a chord with those involved in thinking about the strategic direction of travel companies.

Just to set the scene and a couple of soundbites that should mean plenty to travel:

Emily Bell, director of digital content at Guardian News & Media: "The user is on the loose… if you can’t provide them with the content then they will go somewhere else!”

Geert Linnebank, senior advisor to CEO of Reuters, adds: "Choice abounds for the consumer. We no longer have the choke-hold on the flow of information any more.”

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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