Thursday, March 22, 2007

Travolution@MediaGuardian Summit - Quote of the Day

Ben Hammersley, a multimedia expert from GuardianUnlimited, when asked about his reaction to US media giant Viacom and its $1 billion court action against Google/YouTube over copyright infringement:

"They are taking a Valentine's Day card and burning it in front of the person who gave it to them."
Although this next one came a close second, also from Hammersley, who clearly took a witty pill over lunch.

In response to a question about micro-chunking [no wikipedia entry on this one, but basically a way of buying small pieces of content, rather than whole bodies of work, such as for the music industry]:
"Micro-chunking comes around every 18 months. It is one of those buzzwords that come around that is nothing more than a good excuse to have a conference. As a word, you can ignore it. As a concept, you need to know what it is."
Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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