Thursday, March 08, 2007

Travolution@ITBPhoCusWright - Travel innovators 2.0

Ten years ago the likes of Brent Hoberman et al - enthusiastic, bright and in their twenties - were the new kids on the block of the travel industry.

A reasonably formal talkback session featuring David Roche (Expedia), Damon Tassone (, Carl Michel (Holidaybreak) and Steven van der Heijden (TUI Holland) is quickly forgotten as the founders of social networking site take to the stage.

Jeans, trendy haircuts, confident, and clearly riding the crest of a wave.

They speak confidently about the business model and the enthusiasm with which (mostly young) travellers have embraced the WAYN idea.

David Soskin, who has plouged a tidy sum into WAYN alongside fellow Cheapflights executive Hugh Burge and Hoberman, is in the audience. He must be very pleased with his investment so far...

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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Guillaume said...

Hi Kevin,

Do you have some pictures to show us the fashion look of the WAYN founders? :-)