Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Nod off with British Airways

Some might suggest anyone involved in the recent GDS negotiations will not be requiring any of these, but British Airways has produced a series of podcasts to help people sleep.

The broadcasts, which are clearly aimed at long-haul passengers rather than beleaguered GDS executives, cover issues such as "Sleep basics", "Managing travel fatigue" and "Synchronising your inner clock".

Amazingly, BA actually has a resident "sleep expert", a Dr Chris Idzikowski, who has been drafted in to narrate the Doctor Sleep Podcasts.

The first three are available now, either direct through from the site or from iTunes, with a further three to be added shortly.

Rumours that the next three will be called "Sleep while arbitrating", "Dreaming of a dot-com wonderland" and "Negotiating with the fairies" have yet to be confirmed...

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

UPDATE: It appears the digital agency behind the podcasts, the catchily titled Agency.com, has been spreading the word elsewhere. Tim on The Boot writes more here...



how about "Sleeping with the enemy"?

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