Friday, March 23, 2007

The 'most important year for years' - two years early

Lots of "years" there...

But those were the words used by one of the most senior people in the travel industry this week when, during a private dicussion, he described the reasons behind events of the past few months.

There is no doubting that what has happened, for example, with the planned mergers between four of the leading travel players in the UK, is a pivotal moment in how the industry is reacting to the new world of digital consumerism.

But did we all expect the consolidation, which is essentially a move to protect businesses and consumer revenue in the face of competition from the pure web players, to have kicked in so quickly, and with such enthusiasm?

Would we have second-guessed the current machinations just 12 months ago? Probably not...

What is clear, our confidant says, is that the REAL impact of the web and the hugely empowered consumer is probably knocking at the front door of travel perhaps two years earlier than expected.

The leading players are now moving quickly to ensure they are not staring at a worrying bottom line in just 24 months time.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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Anonymous said...

With Thomson merign with First Choice, insisting that online booking is the way to go.

From July Tui is closing a call with the loss of 200 jobs. First of many perhaps?

This is a mistake as holidays deserve the personal touch, after all if cost and online discount was everything, they would sell more online...

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