Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Everyone wants to run a travel website

An email received at Travolution Towers last week [copied verbatim]:
SUBJECT: Advice in Startin a Travel online Site...

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is ***** ********,

Having recently finished doing my International Tourism Mgt. BA, I now want to start running an online travel website, currently just needing some advice.. particularly in terms of once created the website, the steps i need to take in terms of buying the flight seats and accommodation (rooms) and car hire etc... and being loaded down to the site...

please do get back to me in terms of any advice on the request.

Look foward to hearing from you,

Kevin May, editor, Travolution


Alex said...

Seems like a sensible question to me.

Setting up is quite easy (technically, comercially) - and can be done for pennies (not hundreds of thousands of pounds) - the challenge is to get product that people want to buy (because initially you can't get good rates on things like flights etc - as you don't have the volume)

My advice - become a tour operator. Sell your own product. Control your own destiny. The web should be a means to market - not the end in itself.

Sam I Am said...

Funny you should mention it Kevin. Had one earlier today saying "I see you are a big affiliate for company x. I am thinking of working with them too. Would you mind sharing with me how much you make off that partnership"....

Karin /fastenyourseatbelts.at said...

Yes, I get requests like that too. The last one by a Viennese student of tourism management, who basically wanted me to do her homework. She did not bother to send her address or phone number.