Friday, January 26, 2007

Web design tips #1 - Beware of automatic copy placement

Trawling the top 20 UK travel websites last night - as you do on a chilly January evening - and suddenly came across the country pages in the hotel section of Travelrepublic.

Some relatively subtle signage on the pages. However, will double-check, of course, but surely Switzerland and Laos are both land-locked...

Kevin May, editor, Travolution


Anonymous said...

Whoops! Nice find, nice looking site, but erm, whose stated that it's a Top 20 UK travel site? :)

Travolution Blogger said...

Hitwise data for the last week of December 2006 and first week of January 2007 puts Travelrepublic in 15th position amongst UK travel sites, based on share of both unique visitors and page impressions.

Sorry Darren: official figures.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough Kev :)

I bumped into one of the travel republic guys at the Travolution conference, seems I didn't tempt them to start blogging after all! :D

TravelNotes said...

Isn't that Lake Lugano and a wide stretch of the Mekong River.


Chris W said...

Ok hands up, we did try and get some landing pages with appropriate titles and were a bit skimpy on the number of background images we used. We've increased this now so you dont get the sunny beach image for Switzerland. Check ou th the results at TravelRepublic or the Switzerland page at
More Cukuko clocks than suntan lotion.

Thanks for pointing it out though.