Monday, January 15, 2007

Pause before you leap into the unknown

Gail Kenny from Gail Kenny Executive Search writes:

No doubt you’ve already made your New Year’s resolutions – It’s the busiest time of the year, not just for divorce lawyers, Alcoholic Anonymous, WeightWatchers and Nicotine Anonymous but also for the recruitment industry!

Although many of you will be raring to get back to work after the Christmas break, some of you may feel that you're stuck in a rut work wise. You may think you need a new job.

Before you leap though, make sure of a few things. Think about what you do like about current job as well as what you don't.

If your reason is totally people-orientated, then try tackling their behaviour first. If you need more of a work/life balance, then raise this with your HR manager to talk about flexible working.

If you were overlooked for a promotion, raise this in the correct manner with your boss and set timescales.

There’s a lot that a simple conversation can do to improve your working environment.

If, after reflecting on your situation, you're determined to go – be sure find a job that fulfils your requirement.

Draw up a career strategy, outlining your likes/dislikes and what aspects you are looking to retain/achieve in your next role – i.e. do you want retain or gain people management responsibility; do you want to retain a European remit; do you prefer autonomy; do you prefer to be hands on etc.

So finally, if you’ve made that commitment to finding a new online job, move quickly…

Gail Kenny, managing director, Gail Kenny Executive Search and

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