Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cockroaches in hotels deserve protection

The TripAdvisor Blog is always worth a visit every few weeks or so, really just for a bit of light relief in the form of the often ridiculous comments left by reviewers and hoteliers.

Anyway, here is what the team in the US have decided is the Best Management Response of All Time, following a complaint about cockroaches in a hotel:

"I think your comments unkind. Cockroaches are prehistoric creatures and can survive atomic bombs and weapons of mass destruction!"
No further commentary from us required on this one...

Kevin May, editor, Travolution


Travolution Blogger said...

If there is one post I can really relate to, it's this one. I have a phobia of roaches. I mean, a REAL phobia. I've tried everything from hypmotisim to elixirs (really), because I realise that they're hard buggers to get rid of (being nuclear bomb-proof and all). Also, I don't want to be a wimp.

Still, I'm freaked out by the very thought of them, let alone the sight of them. So, imagine my horror when, last year, whilst staying at a so-called five-star property on Nassau Island in the Bahamas, I suddenly noticed I was not alone in my room. As I was sat typing away on my bed (it was a work trip) my peripheral vision caught sight of this mother of all roaches strutting casually across the carpet. Allow me to point out that the room was dark (apart from the dimly lit bedisde lamp and the glow from my laptop). Plus, the carpet was a dark beige colour, so for me to notice this "bug" means it was HUGE!

I honestly don't remember the next 5 minutes. I think I blanked out from sheer terror, but when I came to I literally lept from the bed to the front door, laptop in hand (of course) never to return to that room or hotel again. I actually insisted that security and housekeeping accompany me to the room to help me pack my things.

I spent the remainder of the night sleeping on the sofa in the VERY brightly lit lobby. The manager did offer me another room, but that struck me as odd. It's a bit like when the dry cleaners ruins your suit and then offers to give you the next servie for free. Why the heck would I use you again???

I checked out at first light.

For those of you wondering which property this was...all I can say is, think huge!


Travolution Blogger said...

Beware hotels (and cockroaches) of South Africa. Tricia is on her way across the equator as we speak for a two-week holiday.

klm, ed, travo

Anonymous said...
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Travolution Blogger said...

Costa Rica: spam, spam, spam - again, again, again. please stop. this is your last chance...