Saturday, December 02, 2006

Praise from a blogger

Our thanks to Travel-Rants, run by Leeds-based Darren Cronian and one of the most popular consumer travel blogs on the web, who has put the Travolution Blog in second place in a list of the best blogs of 2006.

While we are at a loss to work out why a blog about the London Underground (we are conducting a thorough internal investigation and heads will roll...!) has beaten us to the top spot, being recognised for our achievements after just ten months of hard work is a nice way to enter the weekend.

Rants says:

"A close contest - the Travolution Blog, written by Kevin May – is full of travel content, including news, reports from travel conferences and is a must read for any travel professional. I have learnt more off Travolution than any travel publication or blog that I have read this year – if it had been for Annie’s Underground blog, Travolution would of certainly hit that No1 spot!"
Cheers, Rants.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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