Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ebookers sorts out its SEO

PING! Email arrives from Saurabh Kumar, e-commerce manager at Ebookers, to tell us that the online travel agent has fixed the rather unfortunate problems it had with natural search a few months back.

The OTA admitted to us in August that it had "big problems" with its search engine optimisation because of its use of a single IP address across its network of sites.

Google was so incensed by this chicanery that it actually de-listed the Travelport-owned Ebookers for a period earlier this year.

But the issue has now been fixed, according to Kumar. A project put in place during the summer finished a weeks ago and "Google rankings responded almost immediately".

Happy ending? Well, Ebookers will certainly be pleased that the dreaded Grumbletext listing that featured in the first few results just a few months back has now been relegated to the second page.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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Darren Cronian said...

Good news for ebookers!

I imagine, a lot of lessons learnt, from this basic search engine optimisation mistake.