Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Travolution@WTM--Age of Enlightenment

It's not often you hear an educated, sober adult describe a conversation with a teenager as "enlightening", but that is exactly how Arjo Ghosh, CEO of Spannerworks, refers to his interactions with Gen Y'ers.

"The way 13 to 17 year olds search the web is completely different from the traditional search methods," Ghosh told delegates attending the Travolution conference at World Travel Market.

"People often refer to the first generation of web users as digital immigrants. Well,the next generation are digitial natives," said Ghosh.

Anyone not switched on to how the travellers of tomorrow behave now, and how they will eventually make buying decisions, is potentially losing the next generation of web users, Ghosh warned.

Enlightening conversation with teenagers. Who knew? Based on the audience's approving reaction, Ghosh definitely has a point.

Tricia Holly Davis
Freelance Journalist

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