Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Expensive-cheapest-best-worst cities

PING and THUD! is clearly so proud of its Hotel Price Index report that it has sent both an electronic and a hefty pper copy to Travolution.

The survey outlines the changes in hotel trends, including the lists of the most expensive and cheapest cities around the world.

Most expensive [average price per night per room] in Q2 2006:

Moscow (£165)
New York (£140)
Boston (£135)
Chicago (£125)
Venice (£123)

Least expensive in Q2 2006:

Bangkok (£57)
Buenos Aires (£62)
Bilbao (£63)
Shanghai (£66)
Las Vegas (£67)

Consumers have also revealed their “second favourite cities”:

Brits recommend Edinburgh after London; Lyon is the second favourite for the French after Paris; Americans plump for New York and then Las Vegas; and Italians would pick Rome ahead of Milan.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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