Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Does the world really need another search engine?

Microsoft clearly thinks so, judging by its efforts today in the UK, where it has taken out a – not cheap by any means – four-page cover-wrap of the Metro newspaper.

The practically blank page on “page one” of the newspaper says asks the question: “Does the world really need another search engine?”

The marketing push for the engine has now started in earnest, ahead of what is expected to be a pivotal year in 2007 for Microsoft with the launch of the Vista operating system, the upgraded Office suite.

And how much emphasis is Microsoft putting on the Web 2.0 functionality of its product?

Just read the “back page” of the ad campaign in the Metro: “Wouldn’t it be good if search engines gave you more than just a flat overhead view to go with your maps and directions?”

Interesting times in the world of search…

Kevin May, editor, Travolution


Anonymous said...

The ad seems a little over the top in my opinion. It just shows you that newspaper media isn't dead for advertising (just yet!)

Anonymous said...

must've cost 'em a fortune!

Anonymous said...

Shame nobody will remember the website address because as far as I can see most commuters dump their papers on the Underground. oops.

Anonymous said...

Darren's got a point. But when it comes to branding rather than direct response, even the likes of Microsoft would acknowledge that print is going to beat online every time.