Tuesday, October 03, 2006

TripAdvisor and Expedia content battle thickens

Our story last week about Expedia’s desire to include TripAdvisor content on its site seems to have generated some chitter-chatter behind the scenes.

Expedia EMEA boss Dermot Halpin heaped praise on the user review website at the PhoCusWright event in Brussels, before admitting that he would be very keen to see its reviews on his own website.

Nothing wrong with that, of course.

However there have been some suggestions from a handful of senior people in the industry over the last few days that TripAdvisor might be digging its heels in and doesn’t actually want to see its beloved content fed into a site, albeit one in the same happy family.

One mischief maker goes so far to suggest privately that TripAdvisor is reluctant to do a deal because it may have its own plans to syndicate reviews around the web to other sites – in other words, sites rival that Expedia.

TripAdvisor is, perhaps sensibly, remaining tight-lipped at the moment. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for others in the industry – some of whom are rubbing their hands with glee and sensing that this is, in fact, quite a test for the mighty and once all-conquering Expedia.

For Expedia it could be seen as quite a snub if the website its parent-company InterActive Corp bought back in 2004 subsequently decides it wants to keep its content away from Expedia’s traffic.

There is a suggestion that sharing content (there’s an irony there somewhere) with Expedia would impact on its own traffic, with users preferring the OTA as a one-stop shop.

Solutions to this latest dilemma are always welcome via the comments button...

Kevin May, editor, Travolution


John said...

As far as I know TripAdvisor is owned by EXPEDIA. I still found amazing that Tripadvisor allows to people to write complaints about EXPEDIA. I wonder is people knows that EXPEDIA is listed in the top ripoff link at the bad business bureau ( http://www.ripoffreport.com ) and has two "dedicated" websites due to poor customer support and lies: http://www.victimsofexpedia.com and http://www.shameonexpedia.com

My point is that allowing EXPEDIA to have full control of tripadvisor is going to be very bad for travelers
Kind regards

Travolution blogger said...

John: try, for once, to keep on-topic, rather than using blog comment areas to promote your anti-Expedia sites.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what the "bad business bureau" is, but the Better Business Bureau has this to say:
"Based on BBB files, this company has a satisfactory record" and "If any complaints have been received about the business, their number has not been considered by the BBB to be extreme, given the nature of the company's business and the volume of business transacted."

Anonymous said...

I have found Tripadvisor to have become a bitchfest, which is a real turn off. It should be renamed bitchfest.com.
I cannot believe it can be a pleasant experience for anyone to use the site to plan for a trip or to end a trip.
Ever wondered why Americans, in general, have a bad reputation abroad and are labeled "Ugly Americans"?, just go through Trip Advisor and you will get a real good idea. The site appears to thrive with members who are mean spirited and vindictive.
We, Americans, whine and complain too much and often on the most ridiculous things. It is never our fault. It is always somebody else's. We never take accountability for anything when things go wrong. We have a "It's never our fault" mentality.
Come on fellow Americans, let's whine and complain less and become loving and more forgiving of others.
Tripadvisor is no doubt an American website. It promotes the "Ugliness" behavior in an "ugly American".

andy woolfe said...
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Travolution Blogger said...

Andy: Sorry, don't spam the blog.

Anonymous said...
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Travolution Blogger said...

Conny: don't spam the blog.