Monday, October 30, 2006

Travo Troogle tool gets the thumbs-up

Who would have thought it: a record-breaking day on the Travolution Blog last Friday – and all because you lucky people are desperate to use our new Travolution Travel Search Engine.

After plugging it on our e-news bulletin our visitor numbers have soared, with our weekend numbers on a par with our usual weekday figures.

So keep searching! And thanks...

[The Travolution Travel Search Engine is in the right-hand navigation panel]

Kevin May, editor, Travolution


Darren Cronian said...

I'm sorry, I've not been following this story. Is the Google co-op searching news stories or actual websites?

I've done a few searches, and all that came up was BBC news articles, on the first page.

What's the advantage of offering Google co-op on your website or blog?

Travolution blogger said...

co-op allows users to search for anything, as usual, but only on websites specified by the user (or us, in the case of the Travo Search Engine).

if you type in Paris into our search engine, it will only look in around 20 sites, including lastminute, expedia, sidestep, tripadvisor, rather than the million or so sites google usually looks in.

in other words, vertical search.

klm, ed, travo

Travolution blogger said...

the advantage for including it on the travo blog is to illustrate what it can do.

klm, ed, travo

Darren Cronian said...

Thanks, I understand now. Can you see many travel companies using the co-op search tool?

I think many would be hesitant, thinking that it could take away business from their website - do you agree?

Travolution blogger said...

with most things Google it is aimed i suspect at that pesky collection of people from society, known as consumers. :-)