Monday, October 02, 2006

Flexible working overload

Gail Kenny from Gail Kenny Executive Search writes:

In today's online, 24/7 age, flexible working has almost become the norm.

It cuts both ways - from an employee's perspective there are many advantages of flexibility such as working from home on a day when you have a home deliver or maintenance due; the chance to watch your child at sports day; all sorts of things.

From the employer's perspective, the flexible working often means getting far more from staff and managers, with people working remotely from home PCs, Blackberrys and laptops well past their standard contracted hours.

However, over the last bank holiday weekend, not once but twice did I see someone genuinely working from a laptop in a pub!

Surely this is one step too far! Maybe we should start campaigning for a hotspot ban in pubs!

What do you think?

[This latest missive was NOT sent from Gail’s Blackberry – Ed]

Gail Kenny, managing director, Gail Kenny Executive Search


Neil MacLean said...

I think they should have better lighting, power sockets at the tables and beer mats which double as mouse mats.

Travolution blogger said...

surely some trendy hoxton gastro pubs have this already!! :-)

Darren Cronian said...

I've been working flexible hours for the past 12 months; I work 9 days out of 10, so it gives me 1 day a fortnight, to work on my business and blog (like today!)

As a company they have found that sickness levels have reduced by 70% in some areas of the business, and this has meant less stress because people aren't having to deal with the workload of those on sick.