Sunday, September 03, 2006

BA and Google Earth

BA has struck a deal with Google Earth to use its satellite imagery during its latest TV advertising campaign.

The ad has had a wide airing this weekend and is expected to run for around a month, to coincide with BA's latest ticket sale.

[Full story here]

It's not on YouTube just yet, but here's a link to watch the ad in Real Player.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution


Colin Maddocks said...

Hi Kevin,

What a great use of web technology! I'm just looking at the ad and thinking that creating something similar may not be that difficult, (notice I said "may"), using Google Earth and Camtasia Studio, (the screen capture video tool). I think I'll have a go and see. If it works I'll post it on my blog and let you know.

Travolution blogger said...

Please do… be interesting to see if a travel company without – excuse my presumption – the resources of, say, BA can replicate the idea…

Cheers for the post.

km - ed