Monday, July 17, 2006

Technorati problems with dot-travel

Some more news on the dot-travel domains issue we covered recently.

Select World Travel, which snapped up one of the dot-travel domain names for blog – – had been having a few problems since it relaunched a few weeks back.

First of all some UK internet service providers would not allow users to see visit the site.

Tralliance, the company that sells the dot-travel domains, told Select: “It is not true that this is a problem across the board for dot-travel registrants in the UK, but it is limited to a very few pockets of the UK. If you have any other questions or experience any problems, please let me know."

But now Lee Harrison, who runs Select from its Worcestershire home in the UK, writes to say Blog Juice facilitator Technorati is also not overwhelmingly friendly to the dot-travel domain name.

Under normal circumstances, Blog operators are able to “claim” their site on Technorati, which in turn enables them to view inbound links and create keyword categories – all vital tools for getting a blog off the ground and driving traffic.

Harrison wrote to Technorati to get to the bottom of the issue.

He had a pleasant response, but not a very helpful one in terms of fixing the problem.

Technorati wrote: “I'm afraid that our blog claiming system does not currently support the dot-travel domain. We are working on supporting it in the future.

“Thus, you will be unable to claim your blog at this time and install the code for the Technorati Button and other features as that is part of the blog claim.”

Looks like the dot-travel issue to set to run and run…

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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