Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More from the Mongol Rally

So what else happened at the launch of the Mongol Rally in London’s Hyde Park at the weekend?

Like any good sponsor, Ron Andruff, the chief executive of US-based Tralliance, the company behind the new dot-travel domain names, pressed the flesh and hung out with some of the drivers involved in the epic journey.

Each vehicle in the rally – including a hearse! – had a reasonably big “dot-travel” sticker on the bonnet or door, so Tralliance will be reasonably happy with its exposure to the frighteningly trendy and upwardly mobile crowd.

However, awkward moment of the day came courtesy of Travolution when it joked about the rally’s official website being a dot-com rather than a dot-travel domain!

Cue lots of staring at feet and nervous coughs between Andruff, the rally’s organiser Tom Morgan and a clipboard-wielding PR.

Thankfully, Travolution did secure an exclusive interview with Andruff to get his reaction to reports of problems in the UK with dot-travel domain names.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution


Select World Travel said...

Nice Work Kevin and I bet a fun day out and getting paid for it as well! I especially liked the part of the embarrasment of using .com instead of . travel. I must get back in touch with Tralliance, as well as Technorati not being able to pick up .travel, Tralliance seens to have neglected to add us into their directory

Travolution blogger said...

Alas, but unsurprisingly, Travolution was not paid for spending a few hours in London's Hyde Park on a sunny summer afternoon.