Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Travolution@ITT - Part 7 - Olympic spirit

After some not so subtle pointers in the right direction in the “Zen-like act” of retail mastery, things changed tact somewhat.

Marketing and sponsorship director for the London 2012 Olympics Organising Committee, Philip Beard, has taken delegates back 12 months to when the UK’s capital beat off a bid from Paris in the controversial vote to become host city.

Right on cue, an M-People laden video montage - of course - has fired up delegates to spontaneously applaud London’s achievements.

Not a lot of new information from Beard, however, but a good and stirring reminder to the travel and tourism industry that in six years time London and the UK – as he was at pains to point out a few times – have a massive opportunity to seize upon the greatest show on earth [Is that after the World Cup? Discuss!].

However Beard made slight omission, although only the online types among the delegates probably noticed.

One slide outlined all the organisations and industries the organisers will be working with in the run up to the event.

On the media side, a slide on the screen listed television, radio and press as partners.

Just in terms of money spent on advertising in various media channels, online passed radio at least six months ago and is widely expected bound past national papers pretty soon.

And who knows where online media will rank in 2012.

Consider yourselves chastised…

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Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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