Thursday, June 29, 2006

Travolution on YouTube

There are a heap of so-called social media tools currently being touted around the online world – but is perhaps the one that captures the attention so easily.

The video-sharing site is clearly more than just a method of distributing You’ve Been Framed/Candid Camera-style clips, although a fair few of the thousands available are certainly of the comedy variety.

The ease in which users can upload music promos, video montages or – most crucially for this industry – holiday footage, has been a key factor in its success.

So here’s an edited clip from the Travolution Summit in April, featuring chairman Brent Hoberman. [He switched from being CEO of (sic) the same week as the event]

Hoberman’s featurette is actually part of a package created by Simply Stream TV from the event in London, including full presentations from the likes of Ian Pearson (BT), Arjo Ghosh (Spannerworks), Nick Jones (Yahoo!) Carol Dray (ex-Thomas Cook) and John McEwan (Advantage).

[See more clips or buy the full package from our secure site for £60]

Travel companies that embrace the online video revolution will go some way to ticking more boxes in their drive to appeal to the modern consumer.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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Heather Hopkins said...

Kevin, This is a terrific use of YouTube! Nice example of how video sharing can be used to promote a product. As a fellow "tuber" I have started posting videos and have also started searching for videos of destinations I plan to visit. YouTube offers great opportunities for travel companies for those aspirational searches we all do when planning a holiday.