Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Don't be a dummy anymore

If you’re one of those turned off/bemused/irritated by Blogs, then [please] read on.

Travolution is putting a lot of faith in this so-called new medium – is it really a new medium, discuss? – and we want readers of the magazine and users of the website to get involved.

First of all Blogs are a great opportunity to let off some steam, as some of our Star Bloggers have been doing in recent week (thank you Gavin Sinden, in particular!).

But we’ve also abandoned plans to include a letters page in the magazine. All correspondence – good or bad – will be posted here on the Blog, giving others the opportunity to add their two pennies worth.

In the meantime check out a great book – Blogging for Dummies – published a few weeks ago.

I promise this isn’t a blatant plug in return for a fabulous trip to Dummies Towers in New Jersey, USA – it’s just a good introduction to the world of blogging.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

1 comment:

Guillaume Thevenot said...

Hi Kevin,

Very good initiative from Travolution to let readers express themselves. Is Blogging a new medium? Yes, in some way... It is a "quick and easy" new medium of communication and expression. Where websites might need some form of knowledge about HTML, blogs are quite easy to make with different platforms available like Blogger and Typepad. I am particularly excited about the future of Travel/Hotels/Restaurants blogs.

Consumers have finally found an easy way of expressing themselves and exchanging ideas. Blogging is not just about text but can also provides pictures, videos and audio.

The #1 European blogger Loic Le Meur (more than 2 million hits so far on his blog)says "blogs start discussion when traditional media send mesages"...I have to agree with him and blogging is fantastic for this.

Guillaume Thevenot