Friday, November 11, 2005

High Court to rule on dynamic packaging dispute

Travel agents should know before the end of the month whether they can safely sell a dynamically packaged holiday following a high court stand-off between the CAA and ABTA.
During a two-day hearing, which ended yesterday, the CAA argued that all retailers selling a flight and one other component of a package must hold an ATOL licence, even if separate booking are made and separate invoices produced.
If the ruling goes in its favour, it could cut off an increasingly lucrative revenue stream for agents.
ABTA, which is challenging guidance issued by the CAA earlier this year, insist booking a flight and hotel independently does not constitute a package and does not require an ATOL.

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InternetGuru said...

The CAA might prefer just going in to the travel agencies and removing the cash from the till!

Legislation gone mad; someone needs to put a stop to it quickly and one must applaud ABTA for trying.

The travel business needs support not further restrictions and certainly if the CAA were to win this debate, it would be catastrophic for agents....