Friday, September 16, 2005

Where were the big four?

Sometimes it’s the ones who aren’t there you notice more.
The absence of anyone from TUI, Thomas Cook, First Choice and MyTravel at the EyeforTravel sales and marketing conference in Berlin didn’t go unnoticed, first by Hoseasons chief executive Richard Carrick and later, publicly, by conference moderator and Genesys senior partner Paul Richer.
Both said they were surprise no-one from the big four vertically-integrated groups were represented – especially given the online content of the conference.
"I think it sends out a message that they are not embracing the web quite as much as they'd like us to think they are," said Carrick.
Well maybe TUI was represented. A quick scan of the delegates list revealed Timo Frenzel, a student from TUI AG. Is this just a coincidence or could he be any relation to TUI AG chairman
Michael Frenzel?


Anonymous said...

I was at eye for travel too- an event which I must say was nowhere near as good as the excellent stories from it you've got on this blog- maybe I wasn't listening, or maybe next time I should not go and wait for your reports!I hope you keep this going.

Where were the big 4- what big 4? You're only talking from a traditional market perspective, On the web anyone can be as big as their brand/their user experience. I run a small online tour operator and I feel more confident in competing with the big guys than ever. I hope they stay away from these events, but Im not bothered if they don't

Travolution Blogger said...

Good point. Although Thomson, First Choice, Thomas Cook and MyTravel are still the UK's largest ATOL holders, the term is fast becoming redundant. Especially given the European activity of US giants like Cendant and InterActive.

InternetGuru said...

hmmmm....maybe they were all back here in the UK working on their web strategy?

Matchmaker86 said...

Maybe they are too busy making money, well at least two of them. I certainly don’t think, TUI UK, TC and First Choice are taking the web lightly with all now claiming over 20% of sales coming from online, with TUI AG claiming 2.3 billion euros from online this year. You just cant forget how big the big four actually are