Friday, September 16, 2005

Getting high on pay per click

Pay per click advertising has been described as the "crack cocaine of marketing" by Cheapflights vice-chairman Hugo Burge.
Speaking at the EyeforTravel conference in Berlin, Burge said there was a danger in companies becoming addicted to pay per click advertising, and obsessively outbidding their rivals.
"It's the crack cocaine of marketing," said Burge, Cheapflights vice-chairman and head of international.
"Some companies put 80% of their marketing efforts into it, but you have to put it into context with your marketing mix and your competition. Some companies will have a different return on investment strategy and will be able to outbid you."
Hilton International director of channel development Ivan Imhoff told delegates to think of website content as a way of appearing further up the list on search engines.
Hilton has created website guides at with the objective of bringing in 150,000 new visitors to the site from search engines.
A total of 45,000 new visitors have come to the site since it was launched six weeks ago.
"Creating guides is something we've never done before, but it's a unique offering for us and it's brought in new visitors to our site."

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InternetGuru said...

This is good advice, in days gone buy, cash was king and of course thats still true today but good structured and of course relevant content can be every bit as useful as CPC campaigns, with one exception, when the CPC cash cow is empty, the web content just keeps the traffic rolling along.

Like most things in life, there has to be a balance and getting the CPC campaign right is vital. Thats why Traveltek has invested heavily in our new "SEO AdManager" toolset which auto-creates targeted campaigns from our database of tour operator or dynamically packaged offers, sponsoring key words and phrases as it goes, producing very targetted specific ads, greater conversions and controlled CPC spend. Get high on your own terms!